Peer-review Artikel 2012

  • Kröz M, Zerm R, Reif M, von Laue HB, Zander A, Schad F, Brinkhaus B, Matthes H & Girke M. (2012). Are autonomic regulation (aR) and self-regulation predictors for internal coherence (ICS) and distress in internal medicine patients? Eur J Integ Med 4, 118.
  • Schad F, Axtner J, Happe A, Voigt A, Gutsch J, Spahn G, Herbstreit C, Debus M, Kröz M & Matthes H. (2012b). Use of integrative therapies in breast cancer patients. Health services research in a network of integrative oncology. Abstract. Annals of Oncology 23 (S9), ix447-ix461.
  • Zerm R & Kröz M. (2012). Comment on Lifestyle in Type 2 Diabetes. Forsch Komplementarmed 19, 157-162.

Buchbeiträge 2012