Peer-review Artikel 2018

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  • Schad F, Thronicke A, Steele ML, Merkle A, Matthes B, Grah C and Matthes H. Overall survival of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with Viscum album L. in addition to chemotherapy, a real-world observational multicenter analysis. PLoS One. 2018;13:e0203058.
  • Thronicke A, Kröz M, Merkle A, Matthes H, Herbstreit C and Schad F. Psychosocial, Cognitive, and Physical Impact of Elaborate Consultations and Life Review in Female Patients with Non-Metastasized Breast Cancer. Complement Med Res. 2018;25:92-101. doi: 10.1159/000486672
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  • Thronicke A, Oei SL, Merkle A, Matthes H and Schad F. Clinical Safety of Combined Targeted and Viscum album L. Therapy in Oncological Patients. Medicines (Basel). 2018;5.

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